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We also manage Natsumi Ito / Hinako Natsume, so please use this form to contact us.

Job contents that can be requested from Natsumi.


【 Direction 】Creative direction / Art direction / Space direction / Branding【 Design 】Graphic design / Paper Product / Product design / Space design / Tattoo design / Wedding tools / Web design【 Photography 】Fashion / Landscape / Still life / Advertisement / Interview【 Others 】Illustration / Collage..

個人様からのご依頼も可お受けしております。ご依頼内容の分かる資料や詳細等、ご相談条件を下記フォームよりご連絡くださいませ。ご依頼内容、納期、予算、対価等の詳細を事前に記載いただきますとスムーズです。また、制作物のあるご依頼の場合は納期までに最短でも1-2ヶ月の余裕を持ってご連絡くださいませ。毎年12月15日-1月15日までは完全休暇。その他、個人活動に伴い長期休暇を取ることもございます。お仕事をお受けできます最新スケジュールはインスタグラムにてINFOをご確認くださいませ。 - She also accepts requests from individuals. Please use the form below to contact us with the terms and conditions of your request, including materials and details that show the contents of your request. It will be smoother if you provide us with the details of your request, delivery date, budget, and compensation in advance. Please allow at least 1-2 months for delivery in the case of requests with production items. I am completely closed from December 15 to January 15 every year. In addition, I may take long vacations for personal activities. Please check our INFO on Instagram for the latest schedule of available jobs.

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